Function Specification  
系统参数System Specification
调制方式Modulation Mode 宽带调频(FM
频率范围Frequency Range 740-790MHZ
信道数目Channel number 1200个预置频道,通道间隔25KHZ200 preset channels, update nterval 250KHz 
频率稳定度Frequency stability ±0.005%
动态范围Dynamic range 100dB
最大偏差Maximum deviation ±48KHZ
音频频率响应Audio frequency response 40HZ-18KHZ(±3dB)
综合信噪比Signal-to-noise ratio 105dB
相邻信道抑制Distortion 0.3%
邻频干扰比Adjacent channel inhibition 70dB
工作距离Working distance about 100 meter
接收方式Receive mode receive automatic choose 自动调频
振荡方式Oscillation way PLL Synthesized PLL 锁相环)
天线输入Antenna input BNC socket/(50 Ω)
中频Middle Frequence 110 MHz  10.7MHZ
灵敏度Sensitivity 12 dBuV  (80dBS/N)
杂散抑制Spurious Signals 75dB
最大输出电平Maximum output level +10dBV
供电Power supply 12V DC
工作电流Working current  300mA
发射器指标Transmitters Specification
天线 Antenna 手持麦克风内置螺旋天线,腰挂发射器采用1/4波长鞭状天线Hand-held microphone built-in spiral antenna,body pack by a quarter wave transmitter prehensile bullwhip shapped antenna
身频输出功率Rf output power 高功率30mW, 低功率: 3mW  High power 30mW,low power 30mW
拾音头Sound pickup head 动圈式   Dynamic
杂散抑制Spurious Signals -60dB
发射电流 Working current  130mA
供电Power Supply 两节5AA碱性电池    1.5*2AA Two AA alkaline batteries no. 5   
工作寿命Operating time 8 Hours
总体单位Overall unit
工作环境温度Work environment temperature -10+40
1 Digital pilots, each frequency only a unique ID code, when outside interference can better determine the signal receiver.
2. Long distance, ideal environment can be used in 80 meters distance.
3.Receiver has a frequency group function, when engineers installed sequentially  group can save time and effort.
4.There are 1200 frequency with this model, more chance to select frequency 
5. Microphone electricity usage can be display on the receiver, well known whenever.